Carrot Cake

Hi everyone! Today I’m very excited to share with you this recipe because it’s one of my favorite, the famous Carrot Cake. This Cake is absolutely incredible, it’s super moist with a crunchy outside and delicious flavors of cinnamon and ginger. I found the recipe on the blog of Chef Alina and it’s so easy […]


Apple and Strawberry Crumble

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is a dessert that everyone has probably eaten as a child, the apple crumble. This is a dessert I really love, so simple to make and super yummy. I also love strawberries so I decided to make an apple and strawberry version. So, it’s made up of a strawberry and apple […]


Marble Cake

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is super easy and quick to realise. It’s the famous and delicious marble cake. This one is extremely moist with a nice and crunchy crust. The flavors of the cocoa and vanilla are really intense 😋 I also added a chocolate glaze for even more flavors and texture! The recipe I […]


Apple-Peanut King’s Brioche

Hi everyone! In France, for the Epiphany, they eat two different kind of pastries. The first one, mostly eaten in the North, is the King’s Cake or “Galette” that you’ve probably seen on my blog, made up of puff pastry dough. You can find the recipes here. The other one is eaten in the South […]


Mini apple and almond King Cakes

Hi everyone! For my last recipe of King Cake or “Galette des Rois”, I wanted to try and make mini apple and almond Galettes. They are made up of a flaky puff pastry, filled with a smooth almond cream, and a slice of caramelized apple. The combination of the apple and the almond in this […]

Chocolate and Hazelnut King Cake

Hi everyone! Here’s a second recipe of King Cake, and it’s the first time for me to try and taste a chocolate King Cake. This one is made up of a cocoa puff pastry, filled with the blend of chocolate custard cream and hazelnut cream, called “frangipane”, and whole hazelnuts. I really love the taste […]


Hazelnut and Lemon King Cake

Hi everyone! After the Yule Log season, we begin the King Cake or “Galette des Rois” season with this delicious hazelnut and lemon King Cake. This French pastry is traditionally eaten for the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany which held on January 6. This is made up of a puff pastry, filled with […]

forêt noire

The Black Forest

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make a classic of the French pastry, the Black Forest. Whenever there is a birthday party, this is always the cake I choose to make, it’s so delicious, super easy to make, and everyone loves it! It’s made up of 3 layers of cocoa genoise (a type […]

Orange and Chocolate Yule Log

Hi everyone! Here’s the last recipe of Yule Log of the year. I’ve decided to realise a Yule Log made up of a soft cocoa sponge cake, filled with some orange candied cremeux, and decorated with a delicious whipped chocolate and orange ganache and some meringues. The orange and chocolate combination is one of my […]

Lemon praline Yule Log

Hi everyone! Here is a second recipe of Yule Log that would be perfect for the festive season, it’s a lemon praline Yule Log. It’s made up of a Financier biscuit soaked with fresh lemon juice, some lemon praline, and a smooth praline mousse. This Buche is covered with a shiny caramel glaze and decorated […]


Peanut and chocolate Pies

Hi everyone! Today I’m so happy to share with you this recipe because so far, it’s one of my favorites. Those delicious pies are made up of a crunchy pie crust, filled with peanut praline, some salted caramel, and dark chocolate ganache, topped with an incredible whipped peanut ganache and some caramelized peanuts. The flavors […]


Chocolate, coffee and mango Yule Log

Hi everyone! Today I’m happy to show my first Yule Log or “Buche de Noel” of the year! It’s made up of a super soft cocoa sponge cake, dark chocolate ganache, fresh mango cubes and a smooth whipped coffee ganache. Those three flavors combine incredibly well together and the fresh mango brings freshness to this […]


Pistachio Puffs

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is a new recipe of puffs, and this time, it’s pistachio puffs. They are made up of a crunchy choux pastry, filled with a delicious pistachio custard cream, some pistachio praline and vanilla whipped cream. This is not a hard recipe to make and you can spread the different preparation over […]


Chocolate Milk Bread

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you the recipe of these delicious chocolate milk bread. The inside is super soft and light, and the outside is a bit crunchy. The recipe is from Christophe Felder a famous French pastry Chef. I’ve decided to add to my milk breads some chocolate chips, but, you can add any […]


Chocolate Flan

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you my second recipe of Flan, the chocolate Flan! This delicious dessert is made up of a crunchy cocoa pie crust filled with a baked chocolate custard cream. The crisp of the pie crust goes very well with the incredible smoothness of the cream. This is a very easy dessert […]


Basil and lemon Pies

Hi everyone! Here’s a new recipe of pies, one of my favorites, the lemon pie. This pie is made up of a crunchy pie crust, an almond cream and a smooth lemon cream flavored with some basil. The cream is really delicious, not too acidic and not too sweet, and both flavors together are amazing. […]


Chocolate and orange Muffins

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is very easy and quick to make, it’s the chocolate and orange muffins. The muffins are super moist and light and the chocolate layer gives a nice crunch to the muffin. The orange with the chocolate is one of my favorite combination . For 11 muffins: 2 eggs 50g of sugar […]

Peanut and Chocolate Cookies

Hi everyone! Here’s a second recipe of cookies and this time I’ve decided to use the recipe of another famous French pastry Chef, Yann Couvreur. These cookies are so delicious, very crunchy outside and super soft inside. I used his recipe, but I’ve made them with peanuts. For 10-11 cookies of 50g (pretty big): 150g […]


Paris-Brest puffs

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is a very famous recipe that comes from France, the Paris-Brest. Paris and Brest are two towns in France and this pastry was created to celebrate the cycle road race between those two towns, that’s why this dessert is in the shape of a wheel. However, I’ve decided to change the […]


Kiwi and blackberry Pies

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make these delicious kiwi and blackberry pies. These pies are made up of a crunchy pie crust filled with a smooth vanilla custard cream, and topped with fresh kiwis, blackberries and some dots of chantilly. It’s a very easy recipe to make and perfect for summer time. […]