Chocolate and Sesame Rolled Brioche

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is very very easy to make. A few weeks ago I’ve made some Sesame Praline for another recipe and I had some left. In order not to waste it I’ve tried to find with what other ingredients I could combine it. Well, with dark chocolate it combines amazingly, it is a […]

chou praliné citron

Lemon and Praline Puffs

Hi everyone! Here’s a new recipe of very greedy puffs! These are filled with lemon cremeux and topped with some praline cremeux and pure lemon praline! This is a very delicious combination of flavors, the acidity of the lemon goes perfectly with the sweetness of the praline. You can spread the different preparations over several […]

Cake Marbré

The Marble Cake (François Perret)

Hi everyone! Here’s a second recipe of Marble Cake. This recipe comes from a very famous French pastry Chef who works at the Ritz in Paris. His name François Perret. This Cake is soaked with some vanilla syrup which makes it very very moist. It also has very intense flavors of chocolate and vanilla. There […]

Vanilla and Strawberry Cake

Hi everyone! You know how much I love cakes, so I had to make one with a seasonal fruit, the strawberry 🍓 So this is a vanilla Cake, filled with homemade strawberry jam, topped with some dots of whipped strawberry ganache and glazed with some white chocolate! I really love this recipe, the texture of […]


Strawberry and Chocolate Cookies

Hi everyone! Here’s a very easy and greedy recipe to make, perfect for this season! It is the strawberry and chocolate cookies! These are made up of a white and dark chocolate cookie dough, with in the inside a strawberry insert and topped with some strawberry coulis and fresh strawberries! 🍓🍓 These are the best […]


Apple Pie (Crumble style)

Hi everyone! Today I’ll share with you a very greedy recipe of a dessert that you’ve probably all eaten at least one in your life, the Apple Pie. However, this pie is slightly different. For even more texture, I’ve added on the top a delicious crumble 😍 So this pie is made up of a […]


Basil and Strawberry Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s a new recipe of Entremet and it is perfect for this season. It is a Basil and Strawberry Entremet. This one is made up of an almond Streusel base with a layer of basil Madeleine Cake, a basil and strawberry insert, some strawberry mousse and a shiny strawberry glaze! 🍓🌱 This is […]


The Fraisier Cake (Yann Couvreur)

Hi everyone! The strawberry season has begun! So today I’m going to share with you another recipe of Fraisier. This is one of my favorite Cake because it is very easy to make and sooo light and tasty 😍 There is also a lot of options when it comes to the taste or the look. […]


Banana and Peanut Cupcakes

Hi everyone! The recipe of today is super simple but very greedy and delicious! It’s banana and peanut Cupcakes. They are made up of a banana muffin, filled in the inside with some banana compote and topped with a whipped peanut ganache and some salted peanuts 🍌🥜 Everyone has probably tried this combination of flavors […]

Strawberry and Mint Fantastik

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is perfect for this season and reminds me of summer time 😍🌞 It is a type of dessert created by the French pastry Chef, Christophe Michalak, that I’ve already presented in my Orange and Chocolate Fantastik. This time I wanted to try the strawberry and mint combination and it is sooo […]

Chou caramel

Caramel Puffs

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is THE recipe for all caramel lovers 😍 It’s some delicious puffs made up of a crunchy choux pastry filled with some caramel custard cream and some salted caramel sauce in the middle some salted caramel sauce. This is a very easy recipe with only 4 preparations! You can make the […]


Orange and Chocolate “Fantastik”

Hi everyone! Here’s the first recipe of “Fantastik” on the blog. But what is a Fantastik? Well, this concept was created by Christophe Michalak, a famous French pastry Chef. It is a mix between a pie, a cake and an entremet, sounds fantastic right?😜 I think this is an awesome idea because it gives you […]

Number Cake

Chocolate, Vanilla and Praline Number Cake

Hi everyone! We’ve just reached 1000 subscribers on Instagram which is crazy! To celebrate, I’ve decided to realize a Number Cake with a combination of flavors that most people love. It is made up of a cocoa sponge cake, garnished with some whipped vanilla ganache and praline, and decorated with some caramelized almonds and hazelnuts, […]


Bourdaloue Apple pie

Hi everyone! Here’s another classic of the French pastry, it is the Bourdaloue pie. This pie is traditionally made up of a pie crust, filled with almond cream, topped with poached pears, and sprinkled with some almond halves. As you may know, I love apples, so I’ve replaced the pears with apples and it is […]


Black Forest 2.0

Hi everyone! Here’s a new version of the Black Forest, a cake that I love doing for birthday parties. But for this one I wanted to change the design and do something a bit more original. So, I’ve decided to make the outside using slices of Swiss Roll Cake. In the inside there are two […]

Chocolate and Hazelnut Babka

Hi everyone! Lately, Babka became very popular. It is a type of braided Brioche filled with a delicious chocolate spread, some chocolate chips and roasted hazelnuts 😍😍 The most talked about Babka is the one from Jeffrey Cagnes, a famous French pastry Chef, so this is the one I’ve tried to recreate. To garnish mine, […]

Cookies pistache

Pistachio and Praline Cookies

Hi everyone! The recipe of today is another delicious cookie recipe! These are for anyone who loves pistachios. They are made up of a chocolate and pistachio cookie dough, filled in the inside with some pistachio praline, and topped with caramelized pistachios and pistachio paste. It’s a very easy recipe to make and the combination […]


The “Flan-Misu”

Hi everyone! Today I’m so happy to share with you one of my creations, the “Flan-Misu”. As you can tell by its name, it’s a Flan that has the same textures and flavors as a Tiramisu. It’s made up of a cocoa sweet crust, filled with coffee custard cream, topped with a cocoa sponge cake […]

Tarte-Entremet Orange Chocolat

Orange and Chocolate Entremet/Pie

Hi everyone! Today I am so excited to share with you this recipe because I’ve really enjoyed creating and making this dessert! It’s a mix between a pie and an entremet with orange and chocolate flavors 🍊🍫 This dessert is made up of a cocoa sweet crust, filled with cocoa almond cream and orange confit, […]


Strawberry and Pistachio Pound Cake

Hi everyone! Here’s the recipe of the classic Pound Cake, or “Quatre-Quarts” in French. But for today, I’ve decided to turn this basic Cake into an even more delicious version 😋 I’ve added some strawberry pieces and roasted pistachios, as well as a delicious strawberry whipped cream. The cream on top makes this cake even […]