éclairs vanille

Vanilla Eclairs

Hi everyone! After the chocolate eclairs, it’s time for the vanilla eclairs! These eclairs are made of a crunchy choux pastry filled with a smooth and light vanilla custard cream and topped with a white chocolate glaze. This recipe comes from Philippe Conticini, a French pastry Chef and is super easy and delicious! For 40 […]


Chocolate Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s the second recipe of entremet on my blog, and it’s the chocolate entremet. It’s made up of a light chocolate mousse, two layers of chocolate genoise (sponge cake) and a shiny chocolate glaze. This entremet is very easy to make and the recipe has nothing complicated.     For a 28cm diameter […]


Chocolate and raisins scones

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is super easy and quick to make! It’s the recipe of the famous scones eaten for snacks or breakfast. I’ve chosen a recipe from a French pastry Chef named Christophe Felder and I made them with chocolate and rasins. You can of course choose different ingredients like walnuts, cranberries, almonds,…   […]

moelleux au chocolat

Molten chocolate cake

HI everyone! Today’s recipe is super quick and easy to make, it’s the molten chocolate cake! These cakes are so delicious and take less than 15 minutes to realize. For 6 large cakes or 9 medium: 160g dark chocolate 90g semi-salted butter (if you don’t have semi-salted butter, just add one pinch of salt to […]


Traditional Fraisier

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is about a famous French dessert, the Fraisier, which is a strawberry cake. This dessert is made of two layers of genoise (sponge cake), fresh strawberries and mousseline cream (a mix of custard cream and butter). This cake is so delicious, light and perfect for summer time. The sizes for the […]


Apple Doughnuts

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make these delicious apple doughnuts. The recipe comes from Christophe Felder, a famous French pastry Chef and is super easy to make. The dough is very light and the apples very soft. You can also make this recipe with a different fruit, like bananas, strawberries,… For ~30 […]

Tarte Cédric Grolet

Apple pies

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make these beautiful apple pies. These pies are very famous and are from Cédric Grolet, the world pastry Champion of 2018. These apple pies are made of a crunchy pie crust, filled with an almond cream and topped with some apple compote and slices of fresh apples […]


Lemon Macaroons

Hi everyone! In today’s post I’ll show you how to make this typical French dessert, macaroons. I’ve decided to begin with the lemon macaroon because it’s so tasty. The recipe comes from Pierre Hermé, a very famous French pastry Chef known for his macaroons. At first it can be challenging to make macaroons but the […]


Soft and crunchy chocolate cookies

Hi everyone! Whenever I crave cookies I always make these ones, they are so easy and fast to prepare and are sooo delicious. The outside is crunchy and the inside super soft. My recipe comes from a French Pastry chef, Philippe Conticini. However, I’ve decided to use honey instead of sugar, and I noticed that […]

number cake

Number Cake 19

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to share with you the recipe of my birthday cake! For my birthday, I decided to realise the famous Number Cake. This cake is made up of two  layers of genoise (it’s a sponge cake), a diplomat cream (it’s the blend of custard cream and whipped cream) and fresh strawberries. […]


Soft Brioche

Hi everyone! In today’s recipe I’ll show you how to realize these amazing soft Brioche. Brioches come from France and are typically eaten at breakfast with butter and jam. This recipe is so easy to prepare and hasn’t much butter compared to the traditional recipe for a more soft and light result!   F0r 18 […]


Entremet coconut-lemon

Hi everyone! Here is a traditional French recipe, the entremet. I’ve chosen the coconut and lemon flavors because it’s such a nice combination. This dessert is made of a coconut dacquoise (a French biscuit), a lemon cream and a coconut mousse. On the top I did a transparent icing with lemon zest. The recipe of […]


Chocolate tart

Hi everyone! In today’s recipe I will show you how to realize these amazing chocolate tarts. I’ve found the recipe on the YouTube channel of my favorite French Pastry Chef, Philippe Conticini. These tarts are so easy to make and so delicious, the crust is super crunchy and the chocolate very creamy.   With these […]

Chocolate-vanilla Spiral biscuits

Hi everyone! Here is a new recipe super easy to prepare and so delicious. These biscuits are also very pretty with a black part made of cocoa and a white part which has a vanilla flavor. These are very nice biscuits to enjoy when having tea or coffee.   For some twenty biscuits: The vanilla […]

Amazing Chocolate Eclair

Hi everyone! I am happy to present you the first recipe of eclair! Eclairs are one of the most famous French dessert and are made of a choux pastry filled with custard cream. Today I will show you how to realize chocolate Eclairs. The custard cream’s recipe comes from one of my favourite French Pastry […]


Langue de chat biscuits

Hi everyone! Here is a new recipe of French biscuits very easy and fast to make, it really takes only 10 minutes and it will be perfect for teatime or coffee time! This recipe is also very useful when you have white eggs left and don’t know what to do with them.   For 60 […]


Strawberry Tart

Hi everyone! The strawberries are finally here! To celebrate their arrival I’ve made one of my favorite pie, the strawberry one. This pie is made of a nice pie crust filled with an almond cream and topped with custard cream and fresh strawberries. An awesome pie for summer days! Like usual my recipes come from […]


Diplomat cream Mille-Feuille

Hi everyone! Mille-feuille is a classic of the French Pastry, and I wil show you how to realize it. It is made of several layers of puff pastry with diplomat cream between each layer. This recipe can be made with custard cream, but with the diplomat cream it is much more lighter. There is nothing […]


French palmiers

Hi everyone! Here is a nice recipe for snack time, the famous French Palmier cookies, made of puff pastry. I use the fast puff pastry technique and it works very good, it gives the exact same result as the traditional one and takes half the time.   For 25 palmiers:   Puff Pastry: (it gives […]


Speculoos Banoffee

Hi everyone! For today’s recipe I will present you my version of the Banoffee. This pie is traditionally made up of a biscuit base, “digestive” type, then a thin layer of caramel or dulce de leche, banana slices and finally a delicious whipped cream. This is definitely not a dietetic dessert but I’ve tried my […]