Chocolate and Sesame Rolled Brioche

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is very very easy to make. A few weeks ago I’ve made some Sesame Praline for another recipe and I had some left. In order not to waste it I’ve tried to find with what other ingredients I could combine it. Well, with dark chocolate it combines amazingly, it is a […]

Chocolate and Hazelnut Babka

Hi everyone! Lately, Babka became very popular. It is a type of braided Brioche filled with a delicious chocolate spread, some chocolate chips and roasted hazelnuts 😍😍 The most talked about Babka is the one from Jeffrey Cagnes, a famous French pastry Chef, so this is the one I’ve tried to recreate. To garnish mine, […]


Apple-Peanut King’s Brioche

Hi everyone! In France, for the Epiphany, they eat two different kind of pastries. The first one, mostly eaten in the North, is the King’s Cake or “Galette” that you’ve probably seen on my blog, made up of puff pastry dough. You can find the recipes here. The other one is eaten in the South […]


Chocolate Milk Bread

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you the recipe of these delicious chocolate milk bread. The inside is super soft and light, and the outside is a bit crunchy. The recipe is from Christophe Felder a famous French pastry Chef. I’ve decided to add to my milk breads some chocolate chips, but, you can add any […]


Swiss Brioches

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make these delicious Swiss Brioches. Swiss Brioches or Brioches Suisses are light brioches filled with a vanilla custard cream and chocolate chips, a very greedy treat! The recipe requires a bit of patience, but the result is 200% worth it.  For 8 brioches: The dough: 290g of […]


Soft Brioche

Hi everyone! In today’s recipe I’ll show you how to realize these amazing soft Brioche. Brioches come from France and are typically eaten at breakfast with butter and jam. This recipe is so easy to prepare and hasn’t much butter compared to the traditional recipe for a more soft and light result! F0r 18 brioches […]

Apple turnover

Hi everyone! I know puff pastry scares more than one but is it a reason to miss all these delicious viennoiseries? No, and especially since we can realize them with the fast technique of the puff pastry. This method is so much easier than the original one and it gives the exact same result! The […]