Chocolate and Sesame Cookies

Hi everyone! I personally love cookies, so each time there is a new variation I’m very excited to try it out! Today the recipe is by a French pastry Chef named Yann Couvreur. He made this gorgeous Chocolate and Pecan […]

Chocolate, Coffee Cookie Cups

Hi everyone!! The recipe of today is so tasty and perfect for chocolate and coffee lovers ? These are Cookie cups filled with Chocolate Mousse and topped with Coffee Chantilly ☕ The combination of chocolate and coffee is amazing and […]

Strawberry and Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

Hi everyone! What do you think about triangular cookies? ? This is a very original shape for cookies and a practical format to garnish them! These cookies are filled with Strawberry Whipped Ganache and Strawberry Compote ? For 14 cookies: […]

Peanut, Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate and Peanut Cookie Sandwich

Hi everyone! Here’s a more original version of the well-known and appreciated cookies! It’s a Chocolate and Peanut Cookie Sandwich ? These cookies are filled with a Chocolate Ganache, some Peanut Praline and Crushed Peanuts ? This recipe is very […]

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coffee Cookies

Chocolate, Coffee and Hazelnut Cookies

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is so yummy. It’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies topped with Chocolate Caramel and Coffee Caramel ☕? Those two flavors combine amazingly so I recommend you to try them! I’ve used the recipe of the World Pastry […]


Strawberry and Chocolate Cookies

Hi everyone! Here’s a very easy and greedy recipe to make, perfect for this season! It is the strawberry and chocolate cookies! These are made up of a white and dark chocolate cookie dough, with in the inside a strawberry […]

Cookies pistache

Pistachio and Praline Cookies

Hi everyone! The recipe of today is another delicious cookie recipe! These are for anyone who loves pistachios. They are made up of a chocolate and pistachio cookie dough, filled in the inside with some pistachio praline, and topped with […]

Cookies chocolat

Praline Cookies

Hi everyone! Today is another recipe of cookies and these are absolutely incredible and mouth-watering. They are filled with a praline insert, topped with caramelized hazelnuts and almonds, and drizzled with some salted caramel ? Those cookies have a beautiful […]

Peanut and Chocolate Cookies

Hi everyone! Here’s a second recipe of cookies and this time I’ve decided to use the recipe of another famous French pastry Chef, Yann Couvreur. These cookies are so delicious, very crunchy outside and super soft inside. I used his […]


Soft and crunchy chocolate cookies

Hi everyone! Whenever I crave cookies I always make these ones, they are so easy and fast to prepare and are sooo delicious. The outside is crunchy and the inside super soft. My recipe comes from a French Pastry chef, […]

Chocolate-vanilla Spiral biscuits

Hi everyone! Here is a new recipe super easy to prepare and so delicious. These biscuits are also very pretty with a black part made of cocoa and a white part which has a vanilla flavor. These are very nice […]


Langue de chat biscuits

Hi everyone! Here is a new recipe of French biscuits very easy and fast to make, it really takes only 10 minutes and it will be perfect for teatime or coffee time! This recipe is also very useful when you […]


French palmiers

Hi everyone! Here is a nice recipe for snack time, the famous French Palmier cookies, made of puff pastry. I use the fast puff pastry technique and it works very good, it gives the exact same result as the traditional […]