Diplomat cream Mille-Feuille

Hi everyone! Mille-feuille is a classic of the French Pastry, and I wil show you how to realize it. It is made of several layers of puff pastry with diplomat cream between each layer. This recipe can be made with custard cream, but with the diplomat cream it is much more lighter. There is nothing […]


Apple and chocolate yoghurt cake

Hi everyone! Here is a very easy recipe you can realize in a very short time. It’s perfect for a tea time or a nice snack. Made of yoghurt I also added apples and chocolate for a greedier version! You can add anything you want, walnuts, vanilla, citrus zest…   For a 28cm diameter cake: […]


Moist Chocolate Cake

Hi everyone! Chocolate cake is THE basic cake everyone has made at least once in his life, however this recipe is different from the other. This cake has been created by Claire Damon, a famous French pastry cook, and has a particular texture, it has a nice crunchy crust and the inside is very soft […]


The Galette des Rois

Hi everyone! For today’s recipe, I will show you how to realize this delicious french pastry, traditionally eaten for the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany. It is made of a puff pastry, filled with the blend of pastry cream and almond cream, called “frangipane”. This recipe comes from a very famous French pastry […]