Baked Hazelnut Flan

Hi everyone! Did you miss Baked Flan? The wait is over because here’s the recipe of a delicious Hazelnut Baked Flan 🌰 This one is made up of a Sweet Crust, a Hazelnut Baked Flan Cream and some Caramelized Almonds/Hazelnuts […]


The « Flan-Misu »

Hi everyone! Today I’m so happy to share with you one of my creations, the « Flan-Misu ». As you can tell by its name, it’s a Flan that has the same textures and flavors as a Tiramisu. It’s made up of […]


Pistachio Parisian Flan

Hi everyone! This year, I’ve really discovered the Parisian Flan, or Baked Custard Pie, and it became one of my favorite dessert 😍 So after the Vanilla Flan and the Chocolate Flan, I’ve decided to make a Pistachio one. I’ve […]


Apple and Caramel Parisian Flan

Hi everyone! You know how much I love Parisian Flan, so today I’ve decided to make a Flan with two other flavors that I also love, caramel and apple. I’ve also tried to add some streusel on top for even […]


Chocolate Flan

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you my second recipe of Flan, the chocolate Flan! This delicious dessert is made up of a crunchy cocoa pie crust filled with a baked chocolate custard cream. The crisp of the pie crust goes […]


Vanilla Flan

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is a famous French pastry called the flan. It’s made up of a crunchy pie crust filled with a smooth vanilla custard cream baked in the oven. The flan is super light and smooth with a […]