Strawberry and Lemon Entremet

Hi everyone! When I think about freshness I always think about strawberries and lemon. That’s why I’ve decided to combine them into this delicious and refreshing Entremet Cake 🍋 It’s made up of a Lemon Whipped Ganache, a Genoise Cake […]

Kiwi, Vanilla and Strawberry Entremet Cake

Hi everyone! Here’s the recipe of a very refreshing and tasty Entremet Cake! It’s a Strawberry, Vanilla and Kiwi Entremet 🥝 It’s made up of a Streusel, a Vanilla Madeleine Cake, some Strawberry Mousse, a Vanilla Cremeux Insert and a […]

Strawberry, Coconut and Coriander Entremet

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing with you the recipe of a very refreshing Entremet to enjoy the last strawberries of the season. It’s a Coconut, Strawberry and Coriander Entremet 🍓 It’s made up of a Coconut Streusel, a Coriander Sponge […]

Mango and Coconut Dome

Hi everyone! The recipe of today is a very exotic and refreshing Entremet! It’s Mango and Coconut Dome made up of a Coconut Streusel, some Coconut Mousse and a Mango/Sponge Cake Insert 🥭 The coconut and mango combines so amazingly […]

Nigella and Mango Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s the recipe of a delicious Entremet with an unusual ingredient: nigella! These black little seeds are not used that often in pastry, yet they are absolutely amazing and combine so nicely with mangoes 😍 This Entremet Cake […]

Chocolate and Biscoff Entremet

Hi everyone! If you are also a Biscoff lover you should definitely try this recipe! It’s a Chocolate and Biscoff Entremet made up of a Biscoff/Cocoa Base, some Biscoff Mousse, a Chocolate Insert and a Dulcey Glaze 😍 The combination […]

Strawberry and Peanut Entremet

Hi everyone! Are you also a peanut butter/jam lover? 😍 If yes, then you must try this recipe! These Domes are made up of a Peanut Streusel, a Strawberry Insert, some Peanut Mousse and a White Mirror Glaze 🥜 The […]

Apple, Cinnamon and Caramel Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s a delicious Apple, Cinnamon and Caramel Entremet! This combo is one of my absolute favorite 😍 Those flavors are delicious and so comforting! This Entremet is made up of a Streusel, a Cinnamon/Apple Madeleine Cake, some Caramel […]

Snickers Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s a very comforting dessert, perfect for the Winter season ❄ This is an Entremet with flavors similar to the famous Snickers bar. It’s made up of a Crunchy Base, a Chocolate/Peanut Brownie, a Peanut Caramel Insert, some […]

Strawberry Entremet

Brain Strawberry Entremet

Happy Halloween!! Here’s a special Halloween recipe! This is an entremet with the shape of a brain 🧠💉 I know it doesn’t look appetizing but I guarantee you this cake is really good 😂😅 It’s made up of a thin […]

Marble Cake/Entremet

Hi everyone! Last week, the French version of the Great British Bake Off started. This year, I’ve decided to challenge myself and try to make each week my version of the challenge given to the participants. For this first show, […]

entremet mangue riz au lait

Mango and Rice Pudding Entremet

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you one of my creation. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the mango season to start so I can realise this entremet that I had in a mind for a long time. The […]

Cake Marbré

The Marble Cake (François Perret)

Hi everyone! Here’s a second recipe of Marble Cake. This recipe comes from a very famous French pastry Chef who works at the Ritz in Paris. His name François Perret. This Cake is soaked with some vanilla syrup which makes […]


Basil and Strawberry Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s a new recipe of Entremet and it is perfect for this season. It is a Basil and Strawberry Entremet. This one is made up of an almond Streusel base with a layer of basil Madeleine Cake, a […]

Tarte-Entremet Orange Chocolat

Orange and Chocolate Entremet/Pie

Hi everyone! Today I am so excited to share with you this recipe because I’ve really enjoyed creating and making this dessert! It’s a mix between a pie and an entremet with orange and chocolate flavors 🍊🍫 This dessert is […]


Chocolate Entremet

Hi everyone! Here’s the second recipe of entremet on my blog, and it’s the chocolate entremet. It’s made up of a light chocolate mousse, two layers of chocolate genoise (sponge cake) and a shiny chocolate glaze. This entremet is very […]


Entremet coconut-lemon

Hi everyone! Here is a traditional French recipe, the entremet. I’ve chosen the coconut and lemon flavors because it’s such a nice combination. This dessert is made of a coconut dacquoise (a French biscuit), a lemon cream and a coconut […]