Cinnamon and Speculoos Puffs

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe of Puffs! So today I’ll share with you the recipe of these delicious Cinnamon and Speculoos Puffs ? They are filled with Cinnamon Whipped Ganache with a Speculoos Insert […]

chou praliné citron

Lemon and Praline Puffs

Hi everyone! Here’s a new recipe of very greedy puffs! These are filled with lemon cremeux and topped with some praline cremeux and pure lemon praline! This is a very delicious combination of flavors, the acidity of the lemon goes […]

Chou caramel

Caramel Puffs

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is THE recipe for all caramel lovers ? It’s some delicious puffs made up of a crunchy choux pastry filled with some caramel custard cream and some salted caramel sauce in the middle some salted caramel […]

éclairs café

Coffee Eclair

Hi everyone! After the Vanilla Eclair and the Chocolate Eclair, here is the recipe of the Coffee Eclairs! They’re made up of a crunchy choux pastry filled with a light coffee custard cream, and glazed with a coffee icing ☕ […]


Pistachio Puffs

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is a new recipe of puffs, and this time, it’s pistachio puffs. They are made up of a crunchy choux pastry, filled with a delicious pistachio custard cream, some pistachio praline and vanilla whipped cream. This […]


Paris-Brest puffs

Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is a very famous recipe that comes from France, the Paris-Brest. Paris and Brest are two towns in France and this pastry was created to celebrate the cycle road race between those two towns, that’s why […]

éclairs vanille

Vanilla Eclairs

Hi everyone! After the chocolate eclairs, it’s time for the vanilla eclairs! These eclairs are made of a crunchy choux pastry filled with a smooth and light vanilla custard cream and topped with a white chocolate glaze. This recipe comes […]

Chocolate Eclair

Hi everyone! I am happy to present you the first recipe of eclair! Eclairs are one of the most famous French dessert and are made of a choux pastry filled with custard cream. Today I will show you how to […]


Custard cream, chantilly, and stawberries puffs

Hi everyone! Here is the recipe of the famous cream puffs, filled with a delicious custard cream whose recipe comes from Philippe Conticini, a famous French Pastry. The puffs are also filled with nice pieces of strawberries and finally topped […]


Whipped Chocolate Ganache Puff

Hi everyone! I’m very happy to show you how to realize this amazing and greedy recipe of puff filled with a whipped chocolate ganache. I’ve searched so many choux pastry recipe and finally found the infaillible one, I’ve tried this […]