éclairs vanille

Vanilla Eclairs

Hi everyone! After the chocolate eclairs, it’s time for the vanilla eclairs! These eclairs are made of a crunchy choux pastry filled with a smooth and light vanilla custard cream and topped with a white chocolate glaze. This recipe comes from Philippe Conticini, a French pastry Chef and is super easy and delicious! For 40 […]

Amazing Chocolate Eclair

Hi everyone! I am happy to present you the first recipe of eclair! Eclairs are one of the most famous French dessert and are made of a choux pastry filled with custard cream. Today I will show you how to realize chocolate Eclairs. The custard cream’s recipe comes from one of my favourite French Pastry […]


Custard cream, chantilly, and stawberries puffs

Hi everyone! Here is the recipe of the famous cream puffs, filled with a delicious custard cream whose recipe comes from Philippe Conticini, a famous French Pastry. The puffs are also filled with nice pieces of strawberries and finally topped with a nice rose of chantilly. This is super easy to realize and soooo greedy! […]


Whipped Chocolate Ganache Puff

Hi everyone! I’m very happy to show you how to realize this amazing and greedy recipe of puff filled with a whipped chocolate ganache. I’ve searched so many choux pastry recipe and finally found the infaillible one, I’ve tried this recipe several times and it had always worked. For the ganache I’ve used dark and […]