Soft Brioche

Hi everyone! In today’s recipe I’ll show you how to realize these amazing soft Brioche. Brioches come from France and are typically eaten at breakfast with butter and jam. This recipe is so easy to prepare and hasn’t much butter compared to the traditional recipe for a more soft and light result!

F0r 18 brioches of 40g:

  • 400g of flour
  • 133g of semi-skimmed milk
  • 133g of eggs (two eggs and a half)
  • 50g of sugar
  • 7g of salt
  • 20g of fresh yeast or 9g of dry yeast
  • 67g of butter

For the egg wash:

  • one egg yolk
  • 4g of full liquid cream
  • one pich of salt

Optional: For chocolate brioche, you’ll need 400g of chocolate ganache. You can also garnish them with jam.

Let’s begin!

1. Heat gently the milk until it’s luckewarm, it mustn’t be over 40°C.

2. Pour the milk over the fresh (or dry) yeast and stir. You can use frozen fresh yeast, there’s no problem.

3. Add the flour, the eggs, the salt and the sugar and knead for 2min. You can make it by hand but it’ll be a bit longer.

4. Now add the softened butter and knead for 5min at speed 3. The butter should be totally incorporated.

5. The dough is pretty liquid and sticky, it’s normal. Scrape the borders of the bowl and cover it with cling film.

6. Place your bowl in a hot place. I personnally preheated the oven to 40-45°C, turned it off and placed the dough inside.

7. Let the dough rise for 1h30 until it doubles in size and bubbles form at the surface.

8. When your dough has risen enough, punch it down and form small balls of 40g, you can also make one big ring of dough. Use a bit of water so it doesn’t stick to your hands. Place these balls in greased muffin tins. On the pictures I used paper muffin cups but I don’t recommend because it’s hard to unmold.


9. Let it rise again for 45min (again in the oven if you want). The brioche will have almost doubled in size.


10. Gently glaze the brioche with the egg yolk-cream-salt mixture. Use a silicone brush to avoid damaging the raising.


11. Preheat the oven to 170°C normal mode and cook for 15min until the brioches are golden.


12. Unmold when they cooled down a bit. You can now garnish them from the bottom with jam or chocolate ganache.

Your brioches are ready to be served! Enjoy a bit warm with jam or chocolate!

Don’t forget to write an email to to share your pictures of the recipe and your opinions! I will add them at the bottom of this article.

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