Speculoos Banoffee

Hi everyone! For today’s recipe I will present you my version of the Banoffee. This pie is traditionally made up of a biscuit base, “digestive” type, then a thin layer of caramel or dulce de leche, banana slices and finally a delicious whipped cream. This is definitely not a dietetic dessert but I’ve tried my best to make it as light as possible by replacing the biscuit base with a crunchy pie crust and the dulce de leche with a caramel for a less sweet result. As a speculoos lover, I had to incorporate it in the pie crust and in the whipped cream and it gives a really nice additional flavour.


This quantities will give you 9 pies of 10cm diameter:

For the pie crust: (it will give 580g)

  • 250g of flour
  • 125g of butter
  • 125g of icing sugar
  • 40g of speculoos biscuits powder (or any other spiced biscuits)
  • 50g of egg (1 egg)

For the caramel: (this will give a jar of 175g)

  • 55g of butter
  • 100g of heavy cream
  • 90g of sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt

For the speculoos whipped cream:

  • 250g of liquid full cream
  • 100g of mascarpone
  • 80g of speculoos powder


  • 2 big bananas
  • a bit of speculoos powder


Let’s begin with the pie crust that has to rest a bit in the fridge:

  1. In a bowl cream the softened butter with the icing sugar using a rubber spatula until it is well combined. Try to take your butter out of the fridge 1h30 before beginning so it’s soft enough and easy to work with. Otherwise, you can place it 1 minute in a hot oven or in the microwave, but it shouldn’t be melted.



2. Add the powdered speculoos and the eggs, previously beaten with the salt.



3. Put the sifted flour on your work surface and make a well. Add the mixture in the center.




4. With a spatula, bring back the flour to the center and intersect the dough using vertically movements. At first it looks like a crumble but then the dough will come together until forming a nice ball. It takes several minutes. With this method the gluten inside the flour will not be “activated” so your pie crust will be crunchy and not elastic.



5. Finally, mash strongly the dough three or four times on your work surface.



6. Form a ball and place it minimum 30 minutes in the fridge ( the best would be to make it the day before).




7. Take your dough out of the fridge and cut small balls of 90g. Roll out each ball between two parchment papers to a thickness of 3mm.



8. Put your dough over your tart ring. Bring the edges inside the ring. With your forefinger press the dough against the wall and create an angle.



9. Cut the surplus. Keep the scraps and repeat the operations.

10. Prick with a fork and put again in the fridge for 30 min, or 10 minutes in the freezer. This will keep the pie crust from retracting in the oven.




11. Place a parchment paper on your pie crust and put weights (balls or beans).




12. Cook your pies in a 180°C preheated oven, normal mode for 15-20min. After 10 minutes, remove the weights and let it cook for 5/10 more minutes, it should have a nice golden color.



13. Unmold and let it cool. If the edges aren’t even, you can slightly grate them to equalize with a microplane.


For the caramel:

1. In a saucepan, put the sugar, the butter, and a little bit of water. Let it heat on low to medium heat, it will begin to foam. Stir regularly so that the sugar doesn’t burn.



2. Let it cook on medium heat and keep stirring. The caramel will begin to color, when it has a nice blond color remove from heat. Don’t wait until it begins to brown because even off the heat it continues to cook a bit.




3. Add carefully the heavy cream. Return to heat for a couple of seconds to make sure there are no lumps. At this point the caramel will not color anymore.




4. Keep in a jar until use.




For the speculoos whipped cream:

  1. In a cold bowl put the very cold liquid cream and mascarpone. Begin to whip at low speed (on my stand mixer, speed 2 out of 8). When small bubbles appear, increase the speed (speed 4).



2. When the cream begins to have a good consistency, add the icing sugar and whip at high speed (speed 6) until it is firm.



3. With a rubber spatula, gently incorporate the speculoos powder.




4. Place in a pastry bag and put in the fridge until use.


Let’s finish the pie!

1. Evenly spread 1 1/2 tsp of caramel in the bottom of the pie.




2. Place some banana slices.




3. Pip nice flowers of whipped cream on the top.


whipped cream


4. Decorate with speculoos powder, banana slices and chocolate sprinkles.




Your tarts are ready to be eaten! Keep refrigerated until tasting !


Don’t forget to write an email to partage@justonemorecake.com to share your pictures of the recipe and your opinions! I will add them at the bottom of this article.



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