Strawberry and Vanilla Cake

Hi everyone! Here’s one of my creation, some Strawberry and Vanilla Cake ? They are made up of Layers of Swiss Roll Cake garnished with Strawberry Compote and Vanilla Whipped Ganache. They are coated with some White Chocolate and topped with Vanilla and Strawberry Ganache ?

For 6 squares of 8x8cm:

Swiss Roll Cake:

  • 200g of eggs
  • 48g + 32g of sugar
  • 32g of neutral oil
  • 32g of milk
  • 60g of flour
  • 1,4g of baking powder

Vanilla Ganache:

  • 250g of full liquid cream
  • 125g of white chocolate
  • 3g of powdered gelatin (or sheets)
  • 1,5 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 vanilla bean

Strawberry Ganache:

  • 75g of full liquid cream
  • 37,5g of white chocolate
  • 1g of powdered gelatin (or sheets)
  • 50g of strawberry coulis (= mixed strawberries)


  • 150g of strawberries
  • 15g of sugar
  • 15g of lemon juice


  • 250g of white chocolate
  • 30g of neutral oil
  • 30g of almonds

We’ll start with the Vanilla Ganache:

1. Hydrate the gelatin in 6 times its weight in cold water. Let it bloom for 10min.

2. Bring to boil half of the cream with the vanilla extract and vanilla bean. Cover and let it infuse for at least 2h.

3. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie (or microwave).

4. Heat the infused cream and pour in 3 times over the chocolate. Mix vigorously.

5. Add the hydrated gelatin and the other half of cold cream.

6. Wrap with cling film (it must touch the surface) and refrigerate overnight.

For the Strawberry Ganache:

1. Hydrate the gelatin.

2. Melt the chocolate.

3. Bring to boil half of the cream with the strawberry coulis.

4. Pour in 3 times over the chocolate.

5. Add the gelatin and the other half of cold cream.

6. Wrap with cling film and refrigerate overnight.

For the Swiss Roll Cake:

1. Preheat the oven to 175°C fan-assisted.

2. Separate the eggs.

3. Whisk the egg whites by adding the 48g of sugar gradually until they form firm and shiny peaks.

4. Whisk the egg yolks with the 32g of sugar until they whiten.

5. Gently add the egg yolks to the egg whites.

6. Incorporate the sifted flour and baking powder.

7. In a separate bowl, combine the milk with the oil and 30g of the previous mixture.

8. Add to the batter and gently mix.

9. Spread the batter over a silicone mat. My mat is 26x30cm, I’ve spread 150g of batter (which is half of the batter) so I’ve cooked my preparation in 2 times. Cook for 8-10min. The cake should be golden.

10. Let it cool down before unmolding.

For the jam:

1. Place the strawberries, the lemon juice and the sugar in a pan.

2. Cook over medium heat for 20-25min until the strawberries turn into a thick compote. Don’t forget to stir from time to time.

3. Keep in a jar.

The next day:

2. Whip both ganache at medium speed untit they form firm peaks.

2. Place 150g of the Vanilla Ganache in a pastry bag fitted with a plain tip. Keep the rest in the fridge until assembly.

3. Pipe dots of different sizes over a guitar sheet (or plastic sheet). Cover with another sheet and slightly press with a cutting board to flatten the dots.

4. Freeze until they harden completely (~2-3h).

5. Place the strawberry Ganache in a pastry bag and cut the end to create a small hole.

6. Pipe lines of strawberry ganache over some of the vanilla flatten dots. Keep the rest of the strawberry ganache in a pastry bag fitted with a small plain tip.

It’s time to assemble!

1. Cut squares of 8x8cm in your Swiss Roll Cake. In my 26x30cm mat I can cut 9 squares (so enough for 3 cakes).

2. Place one layer of cake inside the 8x8cm mold. Cover with 5-6g of strawberry jam as well as 15g of vanilla ganache.

3. Cover with a second layer of biscuit, 5-6g of jam and 15g of vanilla ganache.

4. Finish with a layer of biscuit.

5. Freeze the squares for ~2h (so it’s easier to glaze them).

For the glaze:

1. Melt the chocolate.

2. Add the oil and the crushed almonds.

3. Pour over the squares. Tap to remove the excess. Let it cristallize at room-temperature.

For the topping:

1. Place the vanilla dots over the squares. Use plain dots and striped dots for a better look. Pipe some strawberry ganache in the gaps. Decorate with a slice of fresh strawberries.

Your delicious Vanilla and Strawberry Squares are ready! Enjoy!

Please feel free to ask all your questions in the comment section and don’t forget to send me pictures of your realisation on my email address: or send me a DM on my Instagram account: blog_justonemorecake , I will post them at the end of the post 🙂

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